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Although we are known for our polished concrete floors, we can take on any concrete grinding job you may have. Our concrete grinding Melbourne services are comprehensive, and we ensure that any surface is ground to a level of texture desired.

Our concrete grinding will create a smooth surface that can be polished, sealed, or made ready for alternative flooring options such as tile, hardwood floorboards, or carpet. This preparation is critical to ensure your floor is fully protected against deterioration, so do not neglect the concrete grinding step.

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Concrete Grinding Benefits

When it comes to grinding concrete floors, we understand that you may not know all the reasons you need to have this service. The benefits of concrete grinding are plentiful, and they are easier to understand with some supplemental knowledge.

  1. Restores your concrete surfaces. Over time, concrete can crack or start to deteriorate. The concrete grinding process enables us to remove the top layer of your floor and restore it to a smooth and uniform level. It will be easier to polish or add a protective seal when your floors are uniform in texture. The surface becomes much more usable, and older floors can be restored to a more attractive and durable level, making them a more desirable option.
  2. Removes stains, epoxies, paint, and other contaminants. The grinding process creates a surface devoid of residual materials such as paint or epoxy on the concrete. If you have had any accidents in your home that left permanent stains, we can grind them out of the concrete and create a clean and new-looking floor.
  3. Prepares the concrete for additional flooring options. We recommend concrete grinding so you can add decorative tiles, hardwood floorboards, or carpet to your concrete. If you leave the surface unfinished after concrete installation, further flooring options may not adhere properly and may be dangerous for people walking on them. Concrete grinding is the only way to ensure that your new floors are installed safely and with proper adhesion.
  4. Provides an excellent solution for warehouses and industrial buildings. Ground concrete improves the surface, durability, and longevity of your floors. Concrete grinding is the only way to ensure that your floors are correctly prepared for heavy traffic and equipment use, ensuring that you achieve a proper concrete flooring solution.

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Our Concrete Grinding Process

When we take on a concrete grinding job, our services are thorough and extensive. Our process will provide the opportunity to make repairs, make the floor uniform in texture, and prepare it for alternative flooring options such as tile or carpeting.

When we grind concrete, our treatment starts with removing dust and debris. We use industrial vacuum systems to ensure that the area is free from any hazardous particles. As we do this, we will inspect the surface for cracks, holes, and other defects that should be filled and repaired before grinding.

Concrete Grinding

We then start the grinding process using varying grits of diamond abrasive to make the concrete smooth. Our team can do either wet or dry grinding depending on the job’s requirements. Either way, we will perform the grinding safely, without leaving a mess or hazardous dust at the site.

We will create a uniform texture by surveying your floor while it is ground, ensuring that we leave no marks behind on the flooring. Once we have made the entire area uniform in texture, it can be polished or sealed to prevent the damage or deterioration of the concrete.

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Our Concrete Grinding Melbourne Services

With over twenty years in the concrete flooring industry, we have conducted countless jobs for a variety of commercial and residential clients. We have the experience necessary to ensure that your concrete is returned to an attractive, safe, and durable state.

We offer residential and commercial services throughout the region, and we can help with a range of projects. So whether you a preparing your concrete for polishing or tiles, or you want to get rid of stains or cracks, we have the process that is right for your specific situation.

Our thoroughness and attention to detail are unrivaled, and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide professional-grade work at affordable prices. We guarantee your satisfaction with our customer-oriented business practices and superior workmanship.

We offer free estimates on all of our projects, and we will come out to assess your needs and provide a personalized plan for grinding your concrete flooring. We want to help you get the results that you deserve. If you would like to learn more about us or if you would like to schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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