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Concrete floors are often very bland and industrial-looking. Commercial businesses and homeowners often find themselves in need of flooring that better complements the overall ambiance of their establishment or home, but professional stonework can often be prohibitively expensive.

One solution to this problem is polished concrete, which involves using diamond grinding or honing equipment to bring new life to an existing concrete slab. Polishing the floor creates a smooth, shiny surface that can dramatically improve the aesthetics of any room.

Polished concrete looks so good that it is hard to believe that it comes from a humble concrete beginning. We often use polished concrete in commercial buildings, such as supermarkets, convention centers, hotels, and restaurants. It is also becoming one of the more popular choices for homeowners looking to renovate their basements or garages.

We have been creating polished concrete flooring for many years and have a lot of experience in this industry. We pride ourselves on a high-quality, durable product that is cost-effective and attractive. Whether you need us to come out and give your floor a minor touch-up or want to make a massive change with a whole new slab, we can meet and exceed your needs and expectations.

Polished Concrete Melbourne

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Our Polished Concrete Flooring Melbourne Process

Polishing concrete is conceptually similar to sanding wood. The floor is ground with progressively finer diamond grit until it becomes smooth and shiny.

That said, it is far more technically challenging than simply smoothing a block of wood. When we create a beautiful floor, we:

  1. Prepare the floor by thoroughly cleaning it and removing any sealers, acrylics, or epoxies.
  2. Repair any cracks, pits, or flaws in the flooring.
  3. Do initial grinding of the concrete with specialised grinding equipment and abrasives.
  4. Apply any dyes, stains, or patterns that the client wants to create a bespoke look on the floor.
  5. Apply materials that increase the density and durability of the concrete.
  6. Continue polishing with increasingly fine diamond grit to polish the floor, bringing it into the desired level of sheen.
  7. Seal the floor with an impregnating sealer designed for polished floors so that moisture cannot get in and dull the shine. This will harden and protect the floor and prevent staining from water or oil spills.


As you can see, our clients have multiple options for their floor. For example, we can dye or stain the concrete, giving it a new look that complements the rest of the room.

With stain, we can create the appearance of stone, antiquing, or a variegated effect that will not chip, fade, or peel.

With dye, you get a vibrant color that gives you design freedom as you create the look of your floor.

We can also design patterns in your floor by scoring grooves into the concrete at certain angles. This will create a surface that looks like it is made from tiles, cobblestones, flagstones, or any other shapes/designs you are interested in. The scored areas can be stained or dyed to accentuate these decorative elements. We can even use scoring to embed logos on the floor of a business.

Our team can also create a custom level of shine to your concrete floor. We can form any look your project needs, from a matte appearance to a glass finish. It may be hard to believe, but we can turn your rough concrete into a 3000 grit, mirror-like sheen.

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Benefits Of Polished Concrete Flooring

Besides its outstanding aesthetics, polished concrete also has some practical benefits:

Low Maintenance

There is little to no upkeep needed for this surface as it doesn’t hold on to dirt or dust.

Cost Efficient

It is cheaper to have our team install a polished concrete surface because you don’t need to add traditional coverings to the floor.

Extreme Durability

Because they have made the flooring more robust, these floors are less susceptible to damage from foot traffic or liquids.

Environmentally Friendly

Making the most of an existing concrete floor instead of adding new material reduces carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, and this flooring does not require hazardous coatings or chemical adhesives.

Highly Reflective

Great for businesses that want to present a clean, bright, professional image as well as reduce their lighting requirements.

Quality Polished Concrete Flooring Melbourne Services

It’s easy to see why so many people want their floors made of polished concrete. It is economical, has low-maintenance needs, and has multiple design options to choose from.

Our highly skilled and trained technicians are ready to create a beautiful floor for your home or business. We can tackle any sized project, from a domestic kitchen to a large corporation.

No one in the region has our level of expertise and experience. That’s because most of our technicians have been with us since the beginning. Our teams are dedicated, passionate, and, most importantly, experts in their field. You can trust that they care about your project as much as you do – maybe even more.

Contact us to get all your questions answered and learn how we can affordably make your home or business shine from top to bottom.

Polished Concrete

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